Handcrafted websites that convert leads and drive sales for growing organizations.

Sitetherapy offers both website development services for ambitious small businesses and consulting for clients who want to make their current website work harder. If this is you, let’s talk.

Recent Work… what we’ve done

We’re working to get case studies for all of these clients, but in the meantime, here are some website we’re very proud to have worked on.

Services… what we do

Web Development

We create mobile-first, responsive websites that look great and perform even better. Fast loading times with engaging design means that visitors become clients. 


Amazon isn’t the only company that can sell online. You can too. We will help you plan, design and develop a top notch online store. 

Care Plans

We will keep your site protected, monitored for problems and running smoothly, freeing you to focus on what you do best. 


Good search engine optimization isn’t just nice to have, it’s a key aspect of success online. We can help you get found by people who are looking for what you offer.

Process… how we help you

So, we have a little confession about our process. It’s important and it works well for both us and for our clients. In fact, we’ve used these methods for years and they’re very common in quality software shops, but the secret isn’t in the steps. It’s in how the steps are implemented. A big part of that implementation is approaching a project as partners. We and our clients are both working to the same goals, a great website that lifts the client’s organization.

Throughout all of these steps, from the time we decide to work together until your new website is live, we’ll communicate with you regularly. None of the this works without regular, honest communication and we firmly believe the best way to ensure success for a project is to talk openly and regularly.



This is just what it sounds like. We discover what you want your website to do for your organization. What works well. And what works not so well.

We spend time with you to understand your business, the market work in and the competition you face.

Without this, we could veer off in the wrong direction and no one gets to their destination if they start on the wrong road.



As we finish the discovery phase, we’ll start defining what we need to build a quality website. What content, how it should be architected, how people visiting should move through the website so that they become a customer or a lead.

As a client you will get visual wireframes, content audits and proposals for next steps. We’ll review all of this with you until we are both satisfied.



This is where we start to implement all that we’ve learned to this point and create a visual representation of the pages for your website. Just as with the wireframes in the Definition phase, we’ll review these in detail with you so that we’re clear on what we’re building next.



Now we build! Everything we’ve done to this point gets implemented in code and we build your site. Once it’s close, we will share a beta version with you and you can interactively comment directly on the website.

As with every other step, we’ll talk a lot, refining the website until it’s what you envision.

Then we launch.

If this way of working intrigues you, we’d love to talk.