We help clients get more out of being online.

We help our clients formulate strategies for online success, then develop and launch beautiful, high performance sites that delight their customers and bring in more business. If you need help thinking through a digital strategy for your business or launching a new site to support what you've already planned, get in touch.

Web Development

Your website is the first thing people see when they search for you on the web - and we all know how important first impressions can be. To make sure your first impression is a good one, we develop clean, easy to navigate websites that present your business in its best light.

Performance Optimization

Speed is critical to your success on the web. When someone visits your site they want to see what you offer now, not ten seconds from now. As more people visit on phones and other mobile devices it becomes even more critical to optimize your site to be as fast as possible. Most websites should load in two seconds or less, ideally in under a second. If you’re not seeing this level of performance, we can help.

Modern Responsive Design

People visit websites on all sorts of devices now from a 4" mobile screen to a 30" high definition monitor. Your site needs to look great and work perfectly regardless of how your audience views it. We use the latest responsive design techniques so that your site adapts to whatever your visitors use and still looks stunning.

Easy To Use

Keeping your site up to date is important and we want that to be as easy for you as it can be. We build custom editing screens in Wordpress that are tailored to your content and workflow so that updates just flow.

Digital Strategy

Knowledge might be power, but understanding leads to success. We help clients to understand how digital advancements affect their market and how they can take advantage of online opportunities.


Who comes to your site? From where? Why do they visit and do they ever come back? Did they find what they were looking for? These and other questions can be answered by a robust analytics setup. Shiny reports aren't the goal - actionable insight that leads to success, that's the goal and we can help you achieve it.

Content Modeling

Successful sites have strong content at the center of their experience. For a product site, this might be killer photos and witty product blurbs. An industry news site will write stories that others don't cover. A service provider shares expertise in a useful manner. We can help you analyze your current content, identify areas of improvement and help you create new, compelling content that drives business.

Search Engine Optimization

A site's loading speed is critical to your success on the web. When someone clicks on a link they want to see what you offer – now, not later. Most websites should load in two seconds or less, ideally in under a second. If you’re not seeing this level of performance, we can help.

Selected Clients

We develop sites for a wide variety of clients who depend on Sitetherapy to help them communicate with their audience. Here are a few recent clients with whom we've been privileged to work.

Studio East

Studio East provides theater arts education for children on Seattle’s Eastside. They serve over 70,000 kids annually with a comprehensive program of drama classes, theater arts camps, and theater productions and needed to update a very old website. A key requirement of the new site was the ability to control all of the site content in-house as information changes quickly. We created over half a dozen templates tailored to their content as well as custom import routines for the classes list they maintain and trained their staff on WordPress.


Mercer Island Eyeworks

Mercer Island Eyeworks is a family owned business proving high quality eye care and striking frames for a clientele that wants the best. Their existing site was old and didn’t represent the quality of the care or the stylishness of their eyewear. We worked with them to create a site that puts both of these front and center using high quality custom photography from Max Balmain and a layout that let’s the images and copy breathe.


Wineworth Importers

Wineworth is one of the largest importers of Port and Portuguese dry wines in the US. Recently acquired by Sogevinus Group, they needed a refreshed site that reflected a new, more modern direction.

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How can we help?

If you'd like to make your website work more effectively drop us an email - we’re at hello@sitetherapy.net.