Website Care Plans

Why you need to care for your website…

Yay, your website is live!  It’s an important part of your business and becoming more so every day. So you… ignore it? Of course not – if you’re a business the website generates leads and revenue. If you’re a non-profit, a website brings in donations and keeps your community informed and engaged.

That’s where we come in. Websites that don’t get backed up, kept up to date and cared for on a regular basis are at risk for a variety of ailments from data loss to security breaches. Every plan we offer backs your site up nightly and stores that backup offsite so your data is safe. Every plan also includes 24/7 monitoring and software updates. This base level of care means you don’t have to worry about your site at all.

Our Basic Care package entitles you to a quarterly strategy call or meeting where we can review all of this in detail . If you want to be even more proactive, our Premium and Ultimate plans get you one on one strategy calls every month.

Our Premium and Ultimate plans go further. We’ll monitor Google search results to see if you’re being found for the keywords that bring you customers. Every month, we will give you recommendations backed by actual data that clearly explain what’s working, what can be improved and what you can do about it – and because we include a generous amount of support hours with these packages, once we decide on what to do in our calls, we’ll get it done for you.

“Can’t I just do this myself?” Sure, you could. However, the challenge of doing DIY website care is that most site owners aren’t expert in the various tools used to maintain security, do reliable backups  and how to test updates. If an update causes problems you would need to know how to fix those or roll back the site to the last good backup. So, yeah, you could do all of those but you have a business to run. You could learn all of this… but when? The simple fact is that most site owners don’t have the time and expertise to keep up on all of this so it slides. Sometimes that works, sometimes your site slows down or gets hacked because of out of date software.

“Ok, why Sitetherapy?” Because we’re WordPress experts. We’ve been working with WordPress for over a decade and we keep on top of what’s happening both in WordPress and the wider online marketing and development world so that you don’t have to. If your website is a critical part of your success, we will keep it running smoothly and worry-free.

The not-too-fine print: If we built your site we’ll take you on a care plan (of course). If we didn’t build your site, we can still care for it but we will need to do an evaluation first to make sure we can do a quality job of supporting you. In either case, check out the plans and please ask if you have any questions.

One more thing – we’re WordPress specialists, so these plans only apply to websites built on WordPress. We’re sorry but we can’t do care plans for other platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Drupal or others. Of course, if you’d like a new WordPress site, we’re more than happy to chat about that.


Business Care


per month

Software Updates

Uptime, Performance & Security Monitoring

Detailed Monthly Status Report

Daily Site Backups

Quarterly Marketing Strategy Call

Client Dashboard

1 Hour  of Support Time

Special Offer:
Pay for a year in advance, get 2 months FREE!

Premium Care


per month

Everything in Basic, Plus:

Monthly Marketing Strategy Call 

Google Analytics Setup

SEO Tracking of up to 5 keywords

Access To Video Training

2 Hours  of Support Time

Special Offer: 
Pay for a year in advance, get 2 months FREE!

Ultimate Care


per month

Everything in Premium, Plus:

Up To 5 Custom Google Analytics Reports

SEO Tracking for up to 20 keywords

Reports on Up to 3 Competitors

4 Hours of Support Time

Special Offer: 
Pay for a year in advance, get 2 months FREE!