Online Strategy

Who needs an online strategy? Everyone! Strategy brings focus to  your business efforts. Instead of being tempted by the latest online marketing fad, a good online strategy will help you chart a course that continually improves your business and enables you to evaluate whether that new shiny thing is a just a fad or a great opportunity.

It’s a truism that you need a good website and that your site should help your business. We even tell prospective clients this – because it’s true. But you don’t just need a pretty website, you need the right website, one created to express the value that you bring. You need a website designed with deep knowledge of who your customers are and how you can help them. And if you want to be successful, you need to promote that website and your business with the right mix of marketing.  A comprehensive online strategy is your roadmap to do this and more. Just like you wouldn’t set out on a long trip without some idea of where you were going, you want to start your online journey with a good idea of how to proceed.

A good online strategy is more than simply a map, though. It’s a touchstone as you consider new opportunities. Should you hop on Facebook ads? Or maybe LinkedIn ads? What about Snapchat!? Do people still send email newsletters and isn’t email dead anyway? It’s easy to become distracted by all of the possibilities out there which can waste your time and your money. It’s equally easy to just shut them all out – including opportunities that can help you.

Our strategy consulting will equip you with the tools and thought processes so you chart the right course. Whether it’s a one-time session or quarterly reviews, we will help you figure out a path to success.