Digital Marketing

You have a website? Great!  It expresses your message, tells prospects why they should work with you and works well on everything from tiny phones to large computers screens. That’s all wonderful. Now… how will people find it?

Marketing online can be complex. Tactics change swiftly and what works for someone else may not be the right approach for you. We can help.

Email Marketing

Yes, email. Even with all of the other digital channels out there, good old email marketing done well provides a great return on your investment.After all, if people ask you to send them email, they’re already interested in what you offer. But you can’t send just any old offer – there are ways to use email to strengthen their loyalty to your brand and also ways to poison that relationship. We can help you create and launch a new email marketing effort. If you already use email, we can help you optimize it to provide better engagement, higher clickthroughs and increased sales.

Paid Search Marketing

One of the most powerful tools in the online marketer’s kit is paid marketing. Programs such as Google Adwords and Facebook advertising can drive traffic to your site literally at the push of a button. If you get the right traffic, people who are truly interested in what you do, paid search marketing can be highly profitable. Setting up campaigns, targeting the right customers and choosing the right ads, though, is not very straightforward and if you set things up incorrectly, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with nothing to show for that investment. We can help you get set up, manage campaigns for you and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ah, SEO. is there a more misunderstood term? After all, you don’t want to optimize your site for search engines. Search engines don’t buy from you, people do, right? Right! So really, SEO is the art of making sure that you’re found by people who are looking for what you offer. That’s all. We can help you figure out where you stand now with an SEO audit and make recommendations on how to be found by people. Some of this is highly technical (making sure that data uses the right HTML markup) but a lot of it is good content marketing. We provide initial audits, ongoing consulting and reporting and ways to improve how your site is seen by search engines. We’ve found that customer needs vary quite a bit from those that just need an audit and a list of things they can improve themselves, to a site overhaul so that search engines can find the information that’s already there, but not exposed well.

Marketing Automation

Don’t shy away from the word ‘automation.’ In fact, marketing automation can be a smaller businesses’ best secret weapon. Chances are there’s a lot you’d like to do on the marketing front but you only have so many hours in a day. That’s where marketing automation can help. We can build out lead magnets for you that attract customers and then, without any intervention from you, intrigues, reminds and engages new customers. Automation can help drive more sales from email lists (with one simple adjustment we helped a client get 8% more people to open their weekly offers, driving thousands of dollars in new revenue – with just one automated routine). The best part of this is that marketing automation tools aren’t priced just for large, Fortune 500 companies anymore. The advent of cloud services means that even small businesses can take advantage of sophisticated automation to increase customer engagement and sales.